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Carpetfinance is a brand property of Carpet62, individual company born in 2020 with offices and partnerships in Istanbul (TK), Stuttgart (DE), London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Petrich (BG) and Abdjan (CI).
Carpet62 collect as group, several important financial insitutions. With more than 20 years of experience of the individuals partners and strongly partnership with financial institutions, Carpet62 is able to provide financial real solutions to the business companies ready to listen true suggestions by professionals of group.
We are able to cooperate with the first-class Banks HSBC Bank PLC London, Barclays Bank London and Deutsche Bank Germany.

Supply Chain Finance

also known as SCF, payables, reverse factoring and supplier finance, is a cash flow solution which helps businesses free up working capital trapped in global supply chains.


Find out how we can help you access Letters of Credit or Stand By Letter Of Credit (SBLC) to increase your imports and exports to guarantee the payment and delivery of goods.

Foreign Companies

Company's founders who think global and want have advantages over the international market. Contact us in order to know how to open a company in the country that you need.

Bonds and Guarantee

The purpose of Bonds, Promissory Notes and Guarantees is to provide the buyer with insurance of sorts should there be a failure by the seller to meet their contractual obligations.

Credit issuance

is the process by which the issuing bank authorises the confirming bank to issue a confirmation to the benefitting exporter of the credit issuance that the issuing bank’s client will make payment to them. The primary aim of the instrument is to provide increased assurance to both the buyer and seller in a commercial trade

Stock finance

is a mechanism which releases working capital from stock such as finished goods or raw materials, which works by lenders purchasing stock from a seller on behalf of the buyer. Stock finance is different from invoice finance, and tends to be used as a 30-90 day revolving facility to enable access to cash as and when a business needs it.

Structured Commodity Finance

SCF is a type of lending used within the commodities world; where a simple and straight forward bilateral lend will not work. In order to make many commodities based transactions work; we need to look at the wider trading cycles, products, buyers, sellers, insurance and time periods of trades.

Purchase order finance

Is commonly used for trading businesses that buy and sell; having suppliers and end buyers. Financing is on the basis of purchase orders that allow a shot of finance into a growing company – this type of facility is sometimes used or not known about by many companies and is at many times an alternative to investment.

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Due to high sensitive transaction, the procedure will start and finish with one of the our professional and only one between wich is indicated on the our website have authority to manage the deal. To the manager of the beneficiary’s company is strictly forbidden to contact and/or call other parties or bypass them. This attempt will be considered a bad behaviour, customer will be not able to receive our services and not reliable. To the related beneficiary will be denied each future contacts by the group.

Carlo Petrillo
Carlo Petrillo
CEO - Consumer Market Expert of CARPET62

External Consultant CARPET62/DE

Giovanni Cutri
Mr. Giovanni Cutri
External Consultant CARPET62/IT

Carmine Salvatore Longo
Dr. Carmine S. Longo
External Consultant of CARPET62 AFRICAN COUNTRIES

Abdullah Dalati
Mr. Abdullah Dallati

Emanuele Isi
Mr. Isi Emanuele

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Create multiple discussions to keep all relevant conversations together, all in one place with our professionals

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