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File your tax in Italy (2020)

 Tips and deadlines

Just like every year, the Italian tax season is approaching fast, and we are facing new updates and changes from past years.
Filing taxes and assessing your tax liability (or refund) might be confusing and nerve wracking, however, this article sheds some light on the matter.
Saving money in piggy bank | FILE YOUR TAXES IN ITALY IN 2020

Who has to file taxes?

Not everyone is required to file taxes. The following individuals are exempt from filing taxes:
  • Individuals receiving only exempt income
  • Individuals receiving employment income from a single employer
  • Individuals receiving income taxed at source (i.e. dividends)
  • Individuals receiving employment income of € 8,000 or less
  • Individuals receiving retirement income of € 7,500 or less

If you want to claim any deductible item, you should file your return and claim your tax refund.

I am an Italian resident, should I file taxes?

Italian residents are taxed on the WORLDWIDE INCOME regardless of their citizenship, while non residents are ONLY taxed on the INCOME MADE IN ITALY.

It does not matter where your income is made or what citizenship you have, if you are a tax resident of Italy, you MUST pay taxes on any income made anywhere in the world.
Accounting's documents | FILE YOUR TAXES IN ITALY IN 2020

Which Italian tax form should I file?

Individuals in Italy can pay taxes using these forms:
  • Mod. 730
  • Mod. Redditi
The Mod. 730 can be filed by employed individuals, while everyone can file taxes using the Mod. Redditi.

The Mod. 730 process tax refunds FASTER than the Mod. Redditi.

Which are the main tax deadlines in Italy?

The Italian tax year is the same as the calendar year, running from January 1st to December 31st; the 2020 tax season is about income and expenses incurred during 2019.

The main tax return deadline is November 30th 2020, however, the earlier deadline of September 30th applies only to Mod. 730.

If you miss the November 30th deadline, you can still file your taxes within 90 days paying a late fine of € 25.00.

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