Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Charles Baudelaire sayd: most beautiful emotions are the ones that you can not explain.

All below contents are the Intellectual Property of Mr Carlo Petrillo and are protected by Copyright (C). When on-line, the Websites have only demonstration purpose and all of its are work in progress as 40% of their develops, (due obvious reasons of industrial secrecy the projects’ core business cannot be presented).

Fully compiled Marketing and Business plans are available for each individual project and I’d be delighted to discuss all aspects in further detail with whom wishes to investigate these opportunities in more depth for collaboration or investment purposes.

– Carlo Petrillo

My vision of organizing online media and how to offer real support on the places, to the travelers and tourists

Personal Food Blog dedicated to the friends and all people that love to eat and discovery traditional food

An interactive Internet Ielevision conceived for Business to Business.

Want to change life?
Wish to have a new Life in a New Country?
An On-Line School about what to know concerning Laws, Lifestyle, Culture and Traditions on the Country of your Dream

Between the competitor "monster" and all what already present on the net like e-commerce, this project have some features that can make difference.

A NewCo. created for the A.I. Projects:
App - Communications & Security System



Please contact me to obtain access to the reserved section of this website where all projects can be seen in full. You will receive a Key Code and perform the strictly Manual Download of the PDF files contained in the folders.

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